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Colonial white gutter guard system, fascia, drip edge, soffit providing ventilation to the attic

Reliable Provider of Eavestrough Installation in Burlington, Hamilton and Brantford Areas

Eavestrough plays an important role in the preservation of your home's foundation. Given the unpredictability of rain, keeping your gutters in good working order should be your first priority. As a consequence, we provide top-notch eavestroughs in addition to your soffit and fascia project in Hamilton, Burlington, and Brantford. Trust Peter Van Egmond & Sons for eavestrough installation that will add value to your home or business!

If moisture or years of wear have caused deterioration of your home's soffit, fascia, and eavestrough, contact Peter Van Egmond & Sons for competent renovation services. We also provide leaf guards to keep your eavestrough free of debris and running smoothly. We currently provide package estimates for soffit, fascia and eavestrough installation due to the high demand for projects.

5” Eavestrough – Aluminum & Steel

6” Eavestrough – Aluminum & Steel

Grey siding, gutters, and soffit on a new home
Contractor Checking Installation Of Plastic Leaf Guards

Benefits of Alu-rex Leaf Guard

Debris: The leaf guard keeps the debris away from the gutters, preventing water from seeping into your homes.

Snow: The leaf guard prevents ice or snow from blocking the gutters during winter, ensuring a smooth passage for water.

Sturdiness: Alu-rex Leaf Guard is made of weatherproof aluminum that won’t crack, chip or rust and our 40-year warranty backs the claim.

Our Brand Partners

Alu-rex logo


Alu-rex Leaf Guard are built to last and are available for 5” or 6” Eavestrough.

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Aluminum eavestrough components from Gentek are designed for optimal efficiency and long-lasting beauty.

Eavestrough Installation

We are Burlington, Hamilton and Brantford's
go-to place for eavestrough projects.

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